Certified CAUS II, WorkSafeBC and DCBC unrestricted occupational SCUBA services, specializing in marine habitat and species assessments, scientific data and sample collection, substrate mapping, experiment design and implementation, and underwater video and photography. Over 10 years of scientific diving experience, including both academic and professional work as marine naturalist, researcher, and biologist. Project experience includes both urban and remote environments throughout coastal British Columbia. Recent work includes 2 years of Pacific herring research on the Central Coast, sea urchin research in Gwaii Hannas, and clam garden research in the southern gulf islands.

Biophysical Surveys

A biophysical survey is required any time that works are being performed in the marine environment or near a watercourse. Typically these assessments are required on projects where Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) must be notified of the proposed works. We have conducted biophysical surveys for over 10 years throughout coastal BC, from the remote shores of Haida Gwaii, to the heavily industrialized Port of Vancouver. Our expertise will provide you with the biophysical and fisheries resource inventory information required by DFO, in a professional package designed to effectively communicate the species and habitat characteristics found in relation to your project.

Commercial Diving

Habitat mapping and biophysical survey work is often related to the construction of marine floats, docks, buoys, and mooring systems. Thalassia divers have extensive experience in marine projects from concept to completion, including the construction, inspection, and repair of marine structures and anchoring systems. This project experience provides a unique perspective, and a deeper understanding of the relationships between marine structures and their effects (both positive and negative) on species and marine habitats.