Markus Thompson
P.O. Box 274
138 Quadra Loop
Quathiaski Cove, BC
V0P 1N0

+1 (250) 202-6672

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About Markus:

Markus is a marine environmental professional (MSc, RPBio) with over 10 years of experience in scientific diving, habitat and resource management, fisheries and ecology research, and project management. Markus completed his master's degree with the Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation lab in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, and attained his professional status as a biologist working as a marine consultant and scientific diver with Foreshore Technologies in North Vancouver, BC.

In his free time Markus is often up before sunrise packing a small arsenal of camera gear into a kayak, before heading off in search of wildlife and perfect light. Recent adventures include Haida Gwaii, and the Hakai and Broughton archipelagos. At home on Quadra Island Markus can also be found with a camera underwater, or on a mountain bike with his dog Huxley. Markus has traveled extensively over the past two decades; living in Kenya, the Netherlands, and Australia along the way. Every return home is a reminder of how unique this place is – the coast of British Columbia is without doubt one of the most beautiful and wild places on earth!